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React Context: An Alternative Approach To Props-drilling and State Management

As a full-time frontend engineer, I’ve grown to build a love-hate relationship with React (but mostly the former). Throughout my experience with the frontend library, the one thing that eventually grows to be a concern as you scale up a React application is its feature of traversing props between components.

Tackling on Data Structures: Stacks and Queues (Part I)

💵 💵 Let’s start on the topic of stacks and queues! 💵 💵

First Post: An Overview

Pretty stoked to get started with this blog!

My primary motivator to keep this up is to: have an accessible platform to continuously build my skills in programming, share my thoughts on picking up cool new concepts (both tech- and non-tech related), and have a healthy medium for building up on my lack of skills in expressive writing.