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>Larry Custodio
I am a web developer in San Diego who enjoys designing simple and elegant web user interfaces.



Prototyping the Content Management System for WooCommerce, My contributions to this project include: the WooCommerce API authentication feature on the backend, and client-side rendering with React + Redux

Grub To Eat

Part of a collaboration project, our team was tasked to create a concept online ordering app. I was tasked on designing the backend API endpoints, user login authentication and persistence, and the order checkout UI/UX.


Budgetr is an ongoing project that I started in order to learn state management with React and Redux. In addition, I've also dabbled with using Recharts.js to add visual insights.

Recipe Finder

I created a recipe list website to flex my chops on dispatching asynchronous/promise-based actions with Redux, view routing using React Router, and designing clean, modern components with Sass.

Got any cool projects in mind? I'd be stoked to hear from you!