Pretty stoked to get started with this blog!

My primary motivator to keep this up is to: have an accessible platform to continuously build my skills in programming, share my thoughts on picking up cool new concepts (both tech- and non-tech related), and have a healthy medium for building up on my lack of skills in expressive writing.

I spend a good chunk of my time at work encountering new ideas and concepts, and so it helps a ton to write things down to have a reliable reference. Plus, I am a forgetful man, so I’ve had to build up my skills in effective notetaking!

To get acclimated with the habit of writing out my thoughts, I’ll start off by blogging about topics that I’m currently reading up on: review materials on CS fundamentals! In other words, some data structures, and high-level exercises on algorithms. I’m fairly confident with my ability to doodle, and so a good chunk of my posts may contain some fun drawings and sketches to supplement my writing.

A bit about myself: I am a software engineer who enjoys hacking up tools to make my internet browsing experience more convenient. I also keep up with what’s new and trendy on the web news, and overanalyze my side hobbies (like cooking, running, photo editing, and watching/reading up on sports).