Larry Custodio Web Nerd Frontend Engineer. I build websites, hack up quick scripts to make a more convenient web, and laugh at some đŸ”¥memes.


Hey there, I'm Larry.

I hear writing blogs can be fun, and since I'm a total sucker for anything web-related, I figure I'd make a blog and give this whole writing thing a try! I like to work on a wide variety of stuff - from working on web projects, running, cooking, to watching sports.

So what in it for you for reading a strangers blog? More or less you can get a sneek peak of how I keep myself distracted outside of work, whether I'm working up my way to becoming a coding badass, to overanalyzing the day-to-day things that I typically stumble upon.


05/18 - Software Engineer @ Facebook
12/16 - Fullstack Developer @ Self-Employed
01/18 - 05/18 Web Developer @ Tribe Interactive


09/09 - 06/13 University of California, San Diego
Bioengineering (B.S.), Mathematics (Minor)